How to get a credit card with a high limit in Portugal: tips and strategies

Your card limit can impact the way you spend. So, if you are going to travel or if you need to increase your ceiling, know that this is possible. Also, find out how the process works and choose the cards that offer the highest limits!


Financial freedom in the palm of your hand. Unlock your financial potential with a high ceiling

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How to get a credit card with a high limit in Portugal: tips and strategies. Source: AdobeStock

Discover the secret to having a higher limit on your Portuguese credit card. Imagine being free from financial constraints, with a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

A high limit can bring many benefits, such as the possibility of making more purchases, especially when you plan to travel or during festive seasons. So, find out how the card limit works and how to get a higher limit.

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Furthermore, we have prepared a list of some of the best credit cards in Portugal that offer high limits for you to enjoy! Discover how this card can revolutionize your financial life, providing you with freedom and flexibility.

Continue reading and delve into the world of credit cards and everything that a high limit can offer you. Join us on this journey to a new era of financial possibilities.

How does the credit card limit work?

Firstly, it is important to point out that this credit card limit is called the ceiling. It is defined by the bank according to some characteristics and issues that we will address.

The ceiling is a limit, a credit, that the bank offers you to spend. When you make a purchase on credit, part of this amount is reserved, but as soon as you pay off your debt you will have the full limit amount again.

In other words, the higher the limit, the more you can spend. However, it is important that you make purchases that you can pay for at once, because postponing payment causes the amount to accumulate interest. And, the interest on the card is the highest of all credits!

How is the credit card limit set?

Your credit card limit, whether low or high, is set by the bank. However, the financial entity will take into account some of your characteristics. For example, what is the total amount of your monthly income and what is your professional stability. 

In addition, the bank will check if you have any outstanding pre-existing credit, such as housing, car loans, etc. The bank will also check your credit history with Banco de Portugal.

All of this will generate a customer and consumer profile, the higher your income and the better your way of dealing with bills and credits, the greater the chance of getting a credit card with a high limit!

Benefits of having a high limit credit card

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Benefits of having a credit card with a high limit. Source: AdobeStock

By having a credit card with a high limit, you can gain flexibility to make larger purchases and face unforeseen events with peace of mind. Additionally, having access to a high limit can improve your credit profile.

This opens up a new opportunity for other exclusive benefits such as travel insurance, merchant discounts and rewards programs. So, if you want to increase your limit, see the requirements and how you can do it!

Requirements and criteria for obtaining a high limit credit card in Portugal

For the bank to decide to increase your credit card limit, it must meet certain criteria and requirements. Firstly, it is important that you are an old customer, as this shows the institution's consideration for the customer.

Furthermore, if you want to directly obtain a credit card with a high limit, do your best to keep your accounts up to date and pay off all possible debts, this shows the bank that the customer is generating money for the institution.

Another fundamental criterion is having a high income. Unfortunately, at this point there's not much you can do. But, if you have another bank account, you can try to associate the two so that the bank offers you a high limit.

Strategies for increasing your existing card credit limit

There are some actions you can take to try to increase your credit card limit if you think it's not that high. Therefore, it is possible to request a reassessment from the bank to try for a higher ceiling.

Furthermore, for customers who use the card more frequently and who are consistent in their payments, it may be easier to obtain the desired increase. Therefore, it is recommended to use the card for a while before asking for the increase.

Therefore, four points must be taken into account to achieve the possibility of increasing your limit: have more than one card, be a long-time customer, meet all payment dates and use the card frequently.

Best high limit credit cards in Portugal

Discover the best credit cards with a high limit and achieve your goals!

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Santander Gold Card

This Santander bank card offers a high limit, up to 25 thousand euros! However, the annual fee is also relatively high, 72 euros. This is a card that generates cashback on your purchases and miles for travel!

In addition, you can have access to exclusive hotel lines in more than 900 resorts around the world! Take advantage of the international coverage offered by Santander Gold on your next trip!

Bankinter Premier Card

With an annual fee of just 15 euros and totally worth it, the Bankinter Premier credit card offers you a ceiling of up to 30 thousand euros! This isn't just any opportunity, is it?

Thus, you have access to international coverage for your purchases and various insurances available, such as travel, accidents and other options.

Santander Platinum Card

Another option offered by Santander, the Platinum Credit Card offers a limit of up to 50 thousand euros! So, you can spend a lot with this card! However, the annual fee is 150 euros, which is not much!

This card also offers discount options and benefits at luxury hotels and mirror resorts around the globe. Plus, take advantage of miles and cashback on every purchase!

NB Gold Card

Buying with Credit Card
Best high limit credit cards in Portugal. Source: AdobeStock

To finish our list, NB Gold is an international card option with a high limit! So, you can enjoy up to 25 thousand euros for just 25 euros in commission. With this card you can use cash advance at an ATM, for example.

Additionally, you have access to travel insurance to make your next trip safer and more secure!

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Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of getting a credit card with a high limit, check your bank's rules, negotiate the best option for you and make your purchases with greater freedom!

Furthermore, if you are looking for a first card with a good ceiling, it is important to know some fundamental points before making your request. With this in mind, we created an exclusive post.

This way, you can discover the best tips for choosing your credit card, considering interest rates and availability. Furthermore, it is worth taking into account your consumption habits and other elements.

Want to know more tips? So, check out 8 fundamental points to take into account before looking for your first credit card. Access the link below and don't miss the opportunity to diversify your way of paying!

Mão entregando cartão de crédito

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