How to request Millennium BCP credit?

Millennium BCP credit offers a solution for those who accumulate payment installments and cannot manage them. Find out more about how to apply for the mortgage or personal option and organize your financial life!


Millennium BCP Credit: have up to 480 months to pay it off!

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Find out how to apply for consolidated credit. Source: Millenium BCP.

Anyone who has credit debts with BCP can contract Millennium BCP credit consolidation without leaving home. As a result, different debts become a single installment.

This action allows you to waive various fees and charges, as you now have a single monthly installment in hand. Incredible, right? So, find out more information about the option below.


Consolidated Credit

Millennium BCP

Online Ease

Reduce the value of your debts and/or transform several of them into one!

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In fact, the bank offers two types of consolidation: personal credit, without collateral, and mortgage credit, with property collateral.

You can hire both without leaving home. To do this, you need to contact the bank, as well as wait for the risk analysis. Keep reading and find out more about it!

Below you can see all the ways available to take out Millennium BCP credit for debt consolidation. Good reading!

Step by step to request Millennium BCP credit

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Find out how to request Millennium BCP credit. Source: Pexels.

There are three ways to take out BCP consolidation credit. Check out what they are and don't waste any more time! Consolidate your debts and gain financial respite.

Via the SAF helpline

The first option for those who want to take out consolidation credit is through the SAF line. Contact is by phone 210 037 201.

Service takes place every day, including holidays and weekends. It takes place between 8:30 am and 10 pm.

By email

Furthermore, the second way to take out Millennium BCP credit for debt consolidation is by electronic message. To do this, you must use Banco Mais within the Millennium App.

Through the branch

Finally, it is also possible to take out credit through in-person service. To do this, simply go to an agency of the institution.

Our recommendation: Crédito Consolidado Montepio can be an alternative for debt consolidation

Also, be aware that taking out credit is not the only solution for those who want to consolidate debt installments. Today there are several alternatives available on the market.

For example, Montepio consolidated credit can be an excellent option. In fact, know that it allows you to consolidate not only debts made at this bank, but also from several different institutions.

So, click on the link below and learn more about this alternative!

Logotipo crédito consolidado Montepio com fundo branco

How to apply for Montepio Credit?

Check out how to apply for Montepio credit to consolidate your debts and organize your finances.

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