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Illegal financial sites: how to avoid scams?

It is becoming more and more common to fall for scams on the internet, but what can we do to avoid these situations? See some simple actions to avoid dangerous situations when investing online.


Discover how to avoid falling into financial fraud schemes

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Find out what the main scams are like and avoid inconvenience! Source: AdobeStock.

To everyone's dismay, there are more and more illegal financial websites that try to steal your money, but how can you avoid these scams?

In recent days, Banco de Portugal has issued 61 warnings about websites that are not authorized to offer financial credits. So, comparatively, the number is increasing more and more and is reaching more and more victims.

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In fact, there are already more than 1 million euros in fines! Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the countless services that are still active and try to deceive people who need a financial solution.

In other words, if you are looking for credit or investment options online, it is good to pay attention to signs that indicate schemes or illegal actions. Let's find out how to take care of our money and avoid suspicious schemes?

Beware of illegal financial websites

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After all, what are the main types of scams? Source: AdobeStock.

So, it is very common on the internet to see advertisements or advertisements that promise quick and easy money. The online world facilitates schemes and scams of various types!

This is because information spreads very quickly and reaches a large number of people. So, be careful with the supposed golden chances of changing your life.

You need to be aware of illegal websites to avoid falling for a scam. Therefore, it is worth knowing some of the main deception activities. 

In this sense, the main reports of fraud are related to cryptocurrencies and pyramid schemes. If you have any doubts about how to protect yourself from this type of attack, don't worry, we will help you avoid illegal financial sites.

Pyramid scheme

So, let's start with one of the most common schemes. The pyramid consists of a fraudulent operation that promises high levels of profit in a short space of time. 

However, for this return to happen, it is necessary to seek out and bring new people into the scheme. In other words, new people “invest” their money, and part of the amount pays older investors.

Thus, it creates a false impression that the financial return on investment is real. Therefore, it is important to try to avoid financial websites where the source of profit is not evident.

Furthermore, if your main source of income comes from third parties, report the site. Furthermore, do not make transfers without first checking the origin of the financial website, it may be an illegal institution!


Investing in cryptocurrencies should not be undertaken by just anyone. Because, as this is a volatile investment, the ideal is that you are aware of how the market works and are willing to risk your money.

Furthermore, it is also important to check the Banco de Portugal website to see which cryptocurrencies are registered. This way, you can avoid scams on illegal financial websites.

Although the risk of devaluation remains in any investment in cryptocurrencies, checking information about the institution is essential!

This way, you can avoid falling into default schemes and total loss of the money invested.

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It is very common to see advertisements for courses on the internet that promise to offer almost magical information on how to make easy money. These advertisements are very persuasive and can convince you that the information is real.

However, it is important to be aware of these schemes. Typically, there is no course. The supposed teachers just reproduce basic and random concepts from the internet.

Therefore, it is important to know whether the person offering the course is really qualified to do so. Furthermore, be wary of videos that promise a lot but deliver little information on the subject.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of the internet is the democratization of information for free. So, before thinking about paying for a suspicious course, study on your own!


Although influencers are people we tend to trust or admire, it is necessary to be aware. This is because many receive a large amount of money to promote an asset, but are not direct about it being an advertisement.

So, normally, not all necessary information about the product, such as market cryptoassets, is provided. Therefore, many people can get involved in an unhealthy scheme due to advertising.

Furthermore, the important thing is not to get carried away by any product or investment that is promoted by someone you admire.


In the same sense as what we have already pointed out in the other items on this list, do not believe in investment schemes that promise high and quick returns at low costs. Investments are often not made.

This way, the deceiver keeps the money for himself. So, then they avoid the investor, or say that the return has not yet arrived, or that a new amount of money will still need to be invested, creating a snowball scenario.

So, take care of your money and know that to make high profits, the real risks are very high!


The top credit ads are from illegal financial websites. In fact, this scam mainly affects immigrants who need help to stay in the country. 

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to loan amounts and the exaggeration of facilities that are offered. But, fortunately, the credit offer is an easy deception to verify.

The Banco de Portugal website offers a complete list of all financial institutions that are authorized to offer credit. So, before you go out and accept any credit offer, check the list on the official page.

Furthermore, many pages on the social network Facebook also offer credit conditions that are misleading. In other words, once again, you need to pay attention.

Be careful with fraud: know the signs

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See how important it is to be careful! Source: AdobeStock.

In addition to all the scenarios we have mentioned, it is important that you are careful. Therefore, when you notice something suspicious in any virtual transaction, you can and should contact Banco de Portugal or another official institution.

Furthermore, there are some signs that can guide you not to inadvertently harm yourself. For example, when it is presented as a unique opportunity and gives you little time to decide.

Another example is noticing Portuguese writing. Many schemes have spelling errors. Furthermore, explanations are usually vague and insufficient.

So, if you notice any of these points, it is reason to seek out the competent authorities and report the scheme.

What not to do?

So, our latest tips are aimed at actions you should avoid, such as giving away your personal details in abundance. Never provide a card number, always opt for secure payments and trustworthy sites.

Do not open emails that appear to contain suspicious content or are sent by an unknown sender. Many of these emails are phishing and will try to get your money.

Furthermore, do not use public computers so often. These devices are more easily hacked and, consequently, less secure.

So, if you need to use one of these computers, do not enter passwords or sensitive information.

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moey! Personal Credit: how to apply?

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