National Strategy for Retail Payments

Find out more about the National Strategy for Retail Payments. This is a measure carried out by Banco de Portugal to transform the payments market by 2025. Discover the innovations brought by this measure!


Witness the evolution of retail payments! The National Strategy for 2025 promises a journey of innovation and convenience

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Portugal is on the path to change and technological innovation with the 2025 National Strategy for Relhado Payments! This is a measure that was announced recently by Banco de Portugal.

The change foresees some changes to be made over the next two years and which aim to change the way all citizens make payments and bank transactions.

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So, imagine a scenario where convenience is taken to a new level, technological innovation is the norm and security is impenetrable. In this fascinating panorama, each transaction becomes an extraordinary experience.

Curious? Read on to uncover the details of a change that promises to impact every purchase and transaction. So, get ready for the evolution of retail payments. This is just the beginning!

What are the main objectives of the National Strategy for Retail Payments in Portugal?

Firstly, it is good to point out that this is a measure that continues the Horizon 2022 National Strategy. Thus, the objective is to improve and facilitate the financial lives of the Portuguese.

Furthermore, one of the biggest objectives is to improve security, preventing fraud in banking transactions. So, there are four development vectors defined to facilitate dialogue regarding measures.

Proximity and Transparency

The idea of this vector is to carry out actions to increase the population's general knowledge about payment solutions and other measures related to this context. Thus, the aim is to develop informative content.

This can be achieved through events, broad publicity, improving the transparency of actions, among others.

Innovation and Efficiency

In this case, Vetor II seeks to simplify and promote payments, especially electronic and immediate. Expanding payment methods for foreigners and citizens.

The biggest change in this case is the creation of the possibility of making bank transfers using the other person's cell phone number. Or, in the case of a company, your tax number (NIPC).

Security and Usability

The third vector is related to security and is intended to improve user dynamics with the payment method. Thus, to avoid fraud, it will be possible to verify the target user of a transaction.

In addition, initiatives will be carried out to inform the population about fraud and how to keep their account and financial transactions safe.

Resilience and Sustainability

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Witness the evolution of retail payments! The National Strategy for 2025 promises a journey of innovation and convenience. Source: AdobeStock

For the fourth vector, an effort will be made to find situations and circumstances to reduce the possibilities of environmental impact arising from these financial operations.

Furthermore, all systems will be studied to guarantee the efficiency and functionality of the measures applied!

How does the National Strategy impact bank transfers via mobile phone?

This is one of the issues that has raised the most debate among citizens. Now, it will be possible to make payments and transfers directly to the person or company in question using just their cell phone number.

This way, you will be able to find the contact saved on your phone and send the money. Furthermore, to intensify security, before finalizing the transaction, it is possible to see the name of the account holder.

In other words, transfers are safer and more protected, as it is possible to confirm or deny the transaction if it is not possible to identify who is the holder of the selected account based on the cell phone number.

What are the expected benefits of implementing this National Strategy?

We can point out 9 efficient changes with the implementation of the National Retail Payment Strategy 2025. So, come check out the list and discover how your life can be simpler.

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Electronic payment

The strategy envisages changing legislation, obliging all banks and financial institutions to create at least one possibility for customers to make electronic payments.

Cell phone transfers

As we have already stated above, the change provides that just using your cell phone number it will be possible to make a transfer between accounts at any bank, without the help of MB Way.

Easy payments

In fact, Banco de Portugal intends to facilitate payment methods for bills and debts related to the State, whether for individuals or companies. Therefore, electronic mechanisms will be created to ensure broad accessibility!

Cell phone

The aim is to facilitate all transactions through applications and mobile devices, making the entire system more dynamic and secure.

QR Code

Analysis to create standardization of the use of QR Codes for transfers and immediate payments, facilitating purchases at national levels!

Digital Euro

At this point, thinking about the possibility of the European Central Bank deciding and moving forward with the issuance of the Digital Euro, the National Strategy envisages facilitating and studying the implementation of this innovation in Portugal.


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National Strategy for Retail Payments. Source: AdobeStock

You no longer need to fear when transferring with IBAN. Often wrong code or fraud were common in these situations.

Now, to ensure greater security, it will be possible to identify the identity of the destination account and its holder. In other words, you will be able to confirm your transaction before finalizing it!


Development of solutions to facilitate access to digital invoices, especially in transactions with public entities!

What are the next steps of the National Retail Payments Strategy?

The next steps of the National Retail Payment Strategy are to carry out the studies and applications mentioned by the year 2025. Therefore, in the next 2 years, several changes must be observed in the Portuguese scenario.

It is worth highlighting that all these points were under consultation with relevant entities during several months of 2023, making the measures more efficient and direct!

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