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Deudai Consolidated Credit has helped people from all walks of life with their credit needs and they can help you too! Check it out here and discover its advantages, such as quick approval and a savings plan!


Discover everything about Deudai Consolidated Credit

Discover Deudai Consolidated Credit. Source: Deudai.

What is Deudai Consolidated Credit? Having been on the market for over 40 years, it is especially aimed at those with outstanding debts. Learn how to use it!

Deudai is a reliable company that has been in the Portuguese market for 4 decades. It works with the intention of assisting in debt settlement, liquidity and financial organization.

Therefore, it offers special credits for those who have 2 or more outstanding debts. In this way, it helps in organizing finances, cleaning up the name and re-obtaining a good image in the market.

Below, then, find out more about Deudai consolidated credit. So, see if this is an alternative to organize your life and take control of your finances. Clearing your name and honoring your debts has never been easier!

Crédito consolidado Deudai

How to apply for Deudai Consolidated Credit

Deudai consolidated credit is an incredible option for those in need of money, with immediate approval and the possibility of releasing up to 1 million Euros! See how to request here.

Interest rateVariable
Payment deadlineVariable
Benefits Consolidated credit of up to 1 million Euros, free assistance, online membership, savings plan to regularize your financial situation, agile service, compare different financial services.

How does Deudai Consolidated Credit work?

Crédito consolidado Deudai
So how does Deudai credit work? Source: Pexels.

As stated above, this is a consolidated credit. Therefore, he turns to debt settlement. And, to hire him, you must have outstanding accounts, at least 2. Likewise, their value must be at least 4 thousand Euros.

But how so? Consider that you are having problems paying your debts, so that your credit card bill and loan installments are late and that you have more than 4 thousand Euros in debt.

In this case, you contact Deudai, which analyzes your situation and, based on that, develops a savings and organization plan. It offers credit in order to negotiate directly with your creditors.

Furthermore, when granting credit, the company allows you to consolidate two or more debt installments into one. This reduces the total amount of debt and allows you to have just one creditor instead of several.


Check out the main advantages that Deudai consolidated credit offers:

  • Free service;
  • Facilitates financial organization;
  • Consolidates two or more debts into one;
  • Decrease in the total amount of debt;
  • Automatic comparison of available solutions;
  • 100% digital service;
  • Also available for debts to the state.


On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages to Deudai Consolidated Credit. For example, you can only use it if there is no more liquidity in the market. That is, as long as you do not have other types of credit available.

Furthermore, to obtain it you must have residence in Portugal. Finally, credit is only granted if it is possible to prove income. After all, you are committed to a savings plan that the platform develops for you.

How to obtain Deudai Consolidated Credit?

Simply access the company's website and then answer a series of questions. Afterwards, a Deudai professional will contact you to provide assistance in choosing the best plan. Finally, you forward documents and assume one of the plans.

And if you want more details about the credit application process, check out our content below and discover the step by step!

Crédito consolidado Deudai

How to apply for Deudai Consolidated Credit

Deudai consolidated credit is an incredible option for those in need of money, with immediate approval and the possibility of releasing up to 1 million Euros! See how to request here.

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