How to join the ActivoTrader platform?

Joining ActivoTrader gives you access to quality investments and assistance from financial experts to make the best deals. See how to have stocks, bonds and more in your portfolio!


ActivoTrader: see how to join without leaving home and start investing!

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Understand how to use ActivoTrader. Source: Facebook ActivoBank.

You can count on Activo Bank services and join the ActivoTrader platform without leaving home. This way, you have the chance to find good investment options, lower exchange rates and help from financial experts.

The registration process on the platform is simple, quick and easy. To speed things up even more and help you, below we redirect you to the official website, so you can continue the process.


Investment Platform


Security Quality

Use and invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs and more!

You will be redirected to another website

But, if you prefer, you can still count on our complete step-by-step guide on how to be part of the platform. This way, you will be able to closely monitor your investments.

Including, find out in more detail about when it is or is not a good business, the risks and monitor the price of currencies and investments daily. Understand how below!

Step by step to join ActivoTrader

Only those who are already Activo bank customers can use ActivoTrader. In other words, first of all you must have an account, but the good news is that it is possible to open one without leaving home!

How to open an account to join ActivoTrader

To open an account with ActivoBank you will need the following documents:

  • Portuguese Citizen Card, Residence Permit in Portugal, Passport or Identity Card;
  • NIF;
  • Proof of residence dated less than 12 months;
  • Proof of income (salary receipt, employment contract, remuneration or bank receipt) with a maximum date of up to 6 months less.

Then, with them and hands, access the ActivoBank website. Then click on “Open account”. In this step, step by step instructions will appear on the screen. Click “Start Now”.

Afterwards, fill out the form with your details and make a video call with one of the bank's employees. Then, verify your documents and make a transfer to your account to activate it. Ready!

Finally, if you already have an account, simply access the application and log in with your details. If you prefer, this can also be done via the website.

Then, start using ActivoTrader, in addition to your account and other Activo services! This way, you will have access to your investments, income and other important data via the website or cell phone. Incredible, right?

Recommended alternative: Skrill

Finally, you may want other investment options than those presented here. So, get to know the Skrill platform, also famous in the Trader market, which operates online and does not require opening a bank account!

Access the link below and learn more about this digital wallet that has more than 40 currencies and is available in at least 120 countries. Click and check it out!

Skrill logotipo

How to join the Skrill digital wallet?

See now how to open a free account and join the Skrill multi-currency digital wallet.

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