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Buying a Gol ticket is your gateway to an incredible journey around the world. Gol Linhas Aéreas, one of Brazil's main airlines, has a rich history of connectivity and service excellence.

Since its founding in 2001, Gol has been a pioneer in offering affordable and reliable flights to a wide range of destinations. Whether you are a business traveler looking for efficiency or an adventurer looking for new horizons, Gol caters for everyone.


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With an air network that extends to different places around the world, you can go to impressive cities: from paradisiacal beaches to metropolises full of life! Plus, collect miles and become a loyal customer for all kinds of benefits!

Therefore, continue reading this text to discover how Gol can make your next trip a truly exceptional experience, check out the baggage rules and much more!

Tariff options and additional services offered by Gol  

Before purchasing your ticket, you should know that Gol offers four types of fares outside of those who are part of the loyalty program. Thus, they are Max, Plus, Light and Promo. Each entitles you to different benefits and has different prices.

Furthermore, Gol offers the possibility for you to purchase additional services, such as purchasing an extra seat to have more space and even advance your flight. Some of these possibilities are available to those who are part of the Smiles program.

Hand and checked baggage!

Hand and checked baggage! Source: AdobeStock

In fact, regarding luggage, you can take one hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg (55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm) free of charge to be placed in the upper part of the aircraft and one personal item to be placed below the seat in front of you!

Furthermore, for checked baggage the weight can be up to 23 kg and the measurement must be 80cm x 50 cm x 28 cm! So, pay attention to the measurements and weights of your suitcase so you don't have to pay extra!

But, depending on your Smiles category or your fare, you may be entitled to send more bags for free!

Tips for saving money when purchasing Gol tickets

To enjoy and save money on your Gol trips, always buy a ticket that is on sale. Thus, on the company's website you access a specific tab. On the home page, click on “offers” at the top of the screen.

So, you can find different Gol packages at more affordable prices. Furthermore, before finalizing your purchase, always check the company's social networks to find promotions. An important fact is that the more flexible you are, the more you can save.

Additionally, access the Gol website on commemorative dates and seasonal promotions, such as Black Friday, MadruGOL, SDF Offers on other festive dates. This way, you can take advantage of different prices, promotions and travel seasons!


Airline tickets

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Comfort and convenience at your fingertips – find the best rates for your trip!

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Using miles to obtain discounts when purchasing Gol tickets: Smiles Program!

Before purchasing your ticket, it is important to know Gol’s Smiles program! This is a loyalty program that even offers a credit card for your purchases!

To register, you can access the airline's website and register. Thus, you are entitled to priority check-in, boarding, additional baggage check-in depending on your category and even access to VIP lounges.

Additionally, you can earn miles to redeem for full or part trips. The main ways to collect mine is by purchasing tickets and using your Smiles credit card.

Smiles Loyalty Program Categories

Firstly, you have access to standard Smiles, then to Silver, Gold and Diamond. To change categories you must accumulate more and more points and miles. In fact, the higher categories offer more benefits to users.

In other words, Gol rewards those who become loyal customers of the company and travel frequently on its aircraft around the world! In fact, if you have questions about Smiles, you can request assistance from Gol.

Gol: Assistance and questions about your ticket!

comprar passagem gol
Gol: Assistance and questions about your ticket! Source: AdobeStock

If you have questions about how to buy your ticket or anything else, visit the Gol website! On the home page you will find the “service” tab in the top right corner. So, select the type of contact you want.

They offer the possibility of contact by telephone and website service channels. Additionally, you can seek assistance on Gol's social networks, simply search for the company name.

Gol also offers a frequently asked questions box where you can find other points that have not been covered here, without having to contact a customer service representative directly.

Benefits of choosing Gol as your airline

Choosing Gol as your airline offers a number of notable benefits. With a large network of national and international destinations, Gol provides access to a wide variety of stunning places.

In fact, the company is known for its competitive rates, making travel more affordable for everyone. Furthermore, Gol prioritizes punctuality, ensuring that you will arrive at your destination on time.

Plus, spacious seats and in-flight entertainment make the journey more comfortable. Furthermore, with a commitment to sustainability and a history of quality services, Gol is the perfect choice for your next adventures.

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Now that you know the details about how to buy a Gol ticket, you've seen how the prices work, the use of miles and loyalty programs, don't waste time and start making your long-awaited trip!

Plus, there are other ways to travel the world! There are several airlines that offer affordable prices for their customers! One of them is EasyJet! So, how about finding out more about this company?

This is the second largest low-cost company working in Europe! Therefore, prices are well below the most common market value for airline tickets!

So, click on the link below and check out our review with exclusive tips and important information about how EasyJet works and the best way to travel on a budget!

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