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See how to book your airline tickets quickly and conveniently and guarantee up to 60% discount by paying in up to 12 interest-free installments on your card. Take advantage of the fact that it's for a limited time!


Embark on your dream trip with LATAM – Book your flight today!

Avião Latam
Complete guide to buying a ticket on Latam: everything you need to know! Source: AdobeStock

Discover the world when purchasing any LATAM ticket: save and discover the most diverse destinations! So, you can take advantage of all the offers and dive into a world of adventure and travel!

This company's journey began more than 90 years ago and today Latam is one of the largest airlines in the world! The aircraft fleet is modern and efficient, made up of aircraft designed to provide comfort and safety on all trips!


Airline tickets

LATAM airlines


Travel in comfort and safety on one of the largest airlines.

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Plus, with more than 140 destinations around the world, Latam connects you to stunning places, from tropical beaches to pulsating metropolises. But this is just the beginning.

Therefore, we invite you to learn more about the history of this company and how it works. Additionally, discover how to save on your ticket purchases by taking advantage of discounts and exclusive tips below. The world is waiting for you.

How to find the best deals: tips and tricks for finding tickets at discounted prices!

Do you want to save money when buying your Latam ticket? There is a list of things to pay attention to when planning your trip! Firstly, the earlier you book your trip, the more likely you are to save.

Furthermore, flexibility is a power when purchasing your ticket, because you adjust your interest according to the price and date of the tickets! Also use and abuse price comparators!

This helps you find exclusive promotions and offers without having to keep an eye out all the time. Using mileage and loyalty programs are also incredible ways to get a discount when purchasing your ticket! In fact, Latam has a unique program!

Other important tips for buying your Latam ticket!

It is also important to pay attention to promotions that the website or Latam can send you by email! Engage on the company's social networks, so you can find unique promotions!

Furthermore, you can explore some travel packages. In some cases the options come with a large percentage of savings! So, check all the possibilities before finalizing your purchase.


Airline tickets

LATAM airlines


Travel in comfort and safety on one of the largest airlines.

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Benefits of flying with Latam: loyalty programs, access to VIP lounges, among others.

One of Latam's biggest benefits is the possibility of using Latam Pass, the loyalty program for you to buy your ticket while saving the most! This way, you can collect points and miles.

Later, you can exchange them for discounts on your tickets, accommodation and products available in the Latam Pass catalogue. Additionally, there are five categories available to you, each of which has unique benefits.

The categories are distributed according to the flights you take. In other words, the more you travel, the bigger your category can be. Thus, you can have access to VIP lounges, check-in and preferential boarding, postpone or bring forward the flight on the same day, among others.

Ticket changes and cancellations: Latam policies and how to proceed

If something happens after you buy your Latam ticket, it's important to know if you can take any action to get your money back. Therefore, Latam offers the possibility of refunding and rescheduling the trip.

So, it is important to know what the conditions of each of them are. For a refund, you must cancel your trip and file a refund request before your trip. Each rate offers a cashback percentage, so check your account!

In fact, in case of cancellation, the refund is full. Furthermore, if you choose to reschedule, the process is even simpler. All you have to do is change your ticket details. The trip must be to the same location and at the same fare!

Baggage policies: weight limits, dimensions and restrictions

Baggage policies: weight limits, dimensions and restrictions. Source: Latam

Latam considers three types of baggage: backpacks, hand luggage and checked bags. Thus, the first category includes backpacks and small bags with the following characteristics: 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm.

These backpacks can go under the front seat. Furthermore, in the second case, they are suitcases with wheels, handles, etc., measuring 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. Furthermore, depending on your fare, the weight can vary from 10 kg to 16 kg, stored in the upper compartment.

Finally, checked bags must measure a maximum of 158 cm on all sides. Furthermore, it cannot exceed a total of 23 kg. So be careful, because if you deviate from the norm you will need to pay for excess baggage.

Excess baggage and object restrictions

Furthermore, if you are going to buy your ticket through Latam, it is important to know that if you exceed the maximum limit you will have to pay for the excess. So if you already think this will happen, buy in advance and save up to 40%!

Furthermore, a number of objects must be checked in and cannot be in your hand luggage. If you break the rules, you run the risk of losing the item or having to pay to ship it.

You can check the total list on the Latam website as it involves the legislation of different countries! However, there are restrictions on sharp objects, fuels, liquids, batteries, medical devices, firearms and others.

Customer support: ways to contact Latam in case of questions or problems

Customer support: ways to contact Latam in case of questions or problems. Source: Latam

If something unforeseen happens or you just want to get in touch with Latam to ask an important question that you didn't find in our post, it's important to know how you can contact the company.

Therefore, you can seek assistance on social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and even Twitter. Additionally, you can contact us via WhatsApp or even email.

So, enter the website and access the “help center” option in the top menu of the page and click on the “start online service” option in the WhatsApp option. In addition, you can also look for a customer service number.”

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Now that you know how to save money when buying your Latam ticket, don't waste time, join the club and save your money to enjoy your trip much more!

Also, how about getting to know other airlines that offer exclusive discounts and promotions? So, see how Transavia can meet your interests!

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