What is the credit responsibilities map? Find out how to get it

Are you going to apply for a loan? Then you need to know what a credit responsibilities map is, an essential document to increase your chances of success!


What is a credit liability map?

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Find out more about what the credit responsibilities map is. Source: Pexels.

The credit responsibilities map is an important financial document. As the name suggests, it maps individuals' financial issues.

The official name of this document is “Map of Credit Responsibilities of Banco de Portugal”. It is managed by the Credit Responsibility Center (CRC).

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Therefore, it is a financial document that analyzes the credits in a person's name, how much payment is being made, the existence of guarantees, risks, guarantors, etc.

In this way, it is like a financial x-ray of great importance for consumers. With it you can have more knowledge about your finances.

Also, about your image as a consumer in the market. Below, find out more about the document and what information it contains.

What information is available in the credit liability map?

The map focuses on existing credits that are still being paid. Here it is important to highlight that it does not only analyze outstanding debts.

Therefore, all your financial transactions that are still in payment – such as credit cards, store credit, financing and various credits – are important here.

Check out the types of credits that come into focus in the credit responsibility map:

  • Credit card;
  • Personal credit;
  • Housing;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Of automobiles;

Furthermore, be aware that the map also indicates which credits you are a guarantor or guarantor for. See also the data contained in the financial document:

  • Value of installments;
  • Start date and estimated end date for repayment of the credit agreement;
  • Payment method (monthly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.);
  • Amount already paid and what remains to be paid;
  • Number of debtors (for jointly contracted credits);
  • Existence of dispute over credit or not;
  • Possible delays in payment;
  • If there are associated guarantees.

Furthermore, when you appear as a guarantor or guarantor of a credit for a third party, there is other information that may appear in the credit responsibilities map.

It corresponds to “potential debt” and refers to debt that does not exist, but that has the risk of coming into existence. The annotation is due to the analysis of the financial habits of the person being evaluated.

What is the credit responsibilities map for?

This document is important for the consumer to have an idea of what their image is like in the market. But not only that! It can also be interesting summary about all your financial obligations and debts.

In this sense, see that the map can be a great document for financial monitoring and also for visualizing fraud related to the contracting, by scammers, of financial products and services in your name.

Finally, the map of credit responsibilities is also a good indicator of your chances of obtaining a loan, regardless of its nature.

After all, consider that the bank will always analyze the risk according to your financial data. 

Therefore, those who have a greater number of outstanding installments tend to present more risks to the bank, as they have more financial commitments.

Furthermore, these installment expenses compromise the consumer's budget, increasing the effort rate.

How can I access the map of credit responsibilities?

Check out the step-by-step guide to obtain a map of responsibilities. The process is all online and easy, so it only takes a few minutes. Look:

  • Start by accessing the Banco de Portugal website;
  • Then, at the top of the page, click on the “Private” tab;
  • Wait for the new page to open and log in with a password;
  • Then, access the Credit Responsibilities Center;
  • Then, accept the page conditions and then click on “Get map”;
  • At this point you must indicate the period for which you need financial information;
  • Finally, authenticate and have access to the document. You can save it to view it always. Also, you can update it or request it with data from other periods whenever you want!

When to use the credit responsibilities map?

It is interesting to analyze the document from time to time. This gives you several benefits, such as financial control and security against scams.

Furthermore, it is ideal to obtain it before applying for credit on the market. Regardless of whether it is a card or loan, be aware that the map can show you some outstanding issues.

With it you can regularize any situation that is not up to date or that could reduce your reliability. 

This would lead to increased risk for banks and increased interest rates, as well as reduced credit opportunities. To prevent this from happening, have a map of credit responsibilities.

Finally, be sure to use the document before taking on new debts. It serves very well as a reminder of all your financial obligations.

What to do if the credit responsibilities map indicates outstanding debts?

imagem com duas pessoas com um mapa de responsabilidades de crédito sob uma mese com uma caneta na mão para sua assinaturaa
See more about the credit responsibilities map. Source: Pexels

In this case, it is up to you to resolve the situation. Contact the institution to negotiate the debt. To do this, you can try refinancing, for example.

Another solution is to simply pay off the debt. With this, it ceases to exist and its name will be removed from the Banco de Portugal blacklist. Also, the map will no longer show default.

If it is not a debt contracted by you, be sure to inform the creditor bank. Then, follow the instructions given by the institution and the necessary legal procedures.

Finally, if you are on the Banco de Portugal blacklist, see what you need to do to regularize the situation.

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