Complete guide to buying a ticket on Azul: Tips, prices and offers

Azul is one of the largest airlines in the world! So, come and find out how it works, what its main rules are and how you can find the best tickets at the lowest prices!


Save on ticket purchases with Azul: The sky is the limit for your next adventure!

Azul Airlines Embraer 195 on final approach to Congonhas Airport, located in the center of Sao Paulo. Aircraft PR-AXA E195 in a challenging airport.
Complete guide to buying a ticket on Azul: Tips, prices and offers. Source: AdobeStock

Have you ever dreamed of flying to a far away place where the sky is the only limit? Well, all you need is to buy your Azul Linhas Aéreas ticket, the company that makes these dreams come true.

Azul's journey began in 2008 with the aim of democratizing access to air travel. Today, this is one of the largest companies in the sector, offering promotions, discounts and quality on its flights.


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Save on ticket purchases and make your travels easier!

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But wait, that's not all. As you progress, you will discover the countless ways in which Azul makes your travels easier. So, want to know how to save money on your next adventures?

Continue reading and discover the exclusive advantages. Different fares, baggage rules and much more! Ready to embark on this journey?

Azul Fares: Find out more to buy your ticket!

Azul Linhas Aéreas offers three types of fares: Azul, MaisAzul and TudoAzul. Each of them has its own price and benefits, such as the possibility of checked baggage, among others.

Also, how about checking out some tips for buying your ticket on Azul? If you have flexible dates, look for tickets further away, prices are usually lower.

Avoid scheduling busy dates, as prices are usually high due to high demand. While on less popular dates, prices drop a lot!

How to buy tickets on Azul: website, app and travel agencies

To buy your ticket is very simple, you can access the Azul website and, on the home page, select your destination, origin and departure date. In addition, you can also book if it is more than one ticket.

Then, all the possible trips will soon appear for you to choose from and check all the details. See if there are stopovers, prices, travel time! Furthermore, the app works in the same way, you just need to enter the origin, destination and date and check it out!

In travel agencies the process is the same! Whether on resale sites or in physical stores, you must inform the destination, origin and date and you will be able to check all the possibilities.


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Save on ticket purchases and make your travels easier!

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Azul Loyalty Program: Come be TudoAzul

How about now we talk about Azul’s loyalty program, TudoAzul? Firstly, it is divided into four categories: Basic, Topaz, Sapphire and Diamond, each with different advantages and benefits.

Therefore, each one requires a minimum score for you to reach. But how to do this? You earn points according to the ticket you buy after becoming loyal to Azul!

In addition, you can also buy points or acquire them when purchasing products in partner stores, or using the Azul credit card from Banco Itaú! Thus, you can obtain several benefits such as complimentary tickets, lounge access and priority check-in.

Other advantages of being TudoAzul and special offers and discounts

comprar passagem azul
Other advantages of being TudoAzul and special offers and discounts. Source: Blue

Therefore, to become a loyal Azul customer, all you need to do is register, starting with basic registration. You can then collect your points, purchase the Azul credit card and then exchange all the points obtained for benefits and services.

In addition, Azul offers a series of special offers and discounts that you can access on the airline's own website. To do this, go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom. In the “for your trip” category, click on “promotional tickets”.

This way, you will find tickets at lower prices, as well as finding advantages for those who want to buy with points! It's also worth paying attention to commemorative dates, such as the Blue Birthday, Black Friday and other seasonal events!

Azul baggage policies: personal item and hand luggage

To travel with Azul, it is important to know a little about the company's baggage policy before purchasing your ticket. At Azul you can take both hand luggage and personal luggage!

Thus, the size of the first must be up to 10 kg, with a height of 55 cm, a width of 35 cm and a length of 25 cm. In addition, in this suitcase you can carry a blunt umbrella, cameras, medicines, food and other objects.

Furthermore, in the case of luggage qualified as personal items, it must go under the seat in front of you. This “item” doesn’t just have to be a bag or backpack, but can also be a coat and must be 25 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm!

Excess baggage: checked and special baggage!

comprar passagem azul
Azul Loyalty Program: Come be TudoAzul. Source: Blue

Depending on the fare, you can check baggage for free. However, regardless of the situation, it cannot exceed 23 kg! Furthermore, the size specifications are: 80 cm high, 50 cm wide and 28 cm long.

In fact, if you exceed the weight or size specification, you may be subject to an excess baggage fee. In this case, the excess is identified immediately. If you wish, you can now plan to check in a second baggage.

Furthermore, if your luggage is of a special type, such as sports equipment, large electronics, bicycles and others, you can request this type of luggage as long as it does not exceed 23 kg. If it weighs more, you will need to pay different fees.

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Now that you know how you can buy your ticket with Azul Linhas Aéreas, don't waste time, take advantage of the promotions and benefits that TudoAzul has to offer you and join the team!

Additionally, you may want to find out more details about other international airlines. So, have you heard about Ryanair? This is the largest low cost airline in Europe!

This way, you can find exclusive travel opportunities at prices that really fit your budget. However, not everything is rosy, Ryanair has some disadvantages involving luggage!

So, if you want to know what the biggest advantages and disadvantages of flying with this company are, check out our exclusive post to find out more. Your savings can't wait, research prices and travel the world!

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