Discover the Unibanco Classic credit card

The Unibanco Clássico credit card is an excellent option for consumers who want a card with no annual fee. However, before purchasing this product, you need to know more information about it. Check it out here!


Discover everything about the Unibanco Clássico credit card! 

cartão de crédito Unibanco Clássico
Find out more about the Unibanco Clássico credit card | Source: Mr Finance.

First of all, the Unibanco Clássico credit card offers several exclusive advantages to cardholders, one of which is the loyalty program. Furthermore, the annual fee is zero, ensuring greater comfort in spending and finances. 

Therefore, cardholders can use this credit card for purchases at national and international establishments, both physical and virtual stores. Likewise, the installment and payment methods make a difference in this financial product. 

So, if you are interested in applying for this financial product, knowing more information about the card is essential. So, check out the table below. 

How to apply for the Unibanco Classic credit card

The Unibanco Clássico credit card has no annual fee for cardholders, has international coverage and many benefits! See how to request!

AnnuityNo Annual Fee
Do you accept denial?Uninformed
BenefitsLoyalty Points and Fraudulent Use Insurance

How does the Unibanco Classic card work?

cartão de crédito Unibanco Clássico
Discover the pros and cons of the Unibanco Classico credit card | Source: Pixabay.

Firstly, it is important to say that the Unibanco Clássico credit card has an introductory APR of 0% on its transfers. Subsequently, this rate becomes 13.99%. 

The card has international coverage. In other words, holders can make purchases in national and international establishments, whether in physical or virtual stores. 

Therefore, when requesting your card, you can make your purchases in cash or in installments. Furthermore, this credit card has a security chip, ensuring greater security and convenience in everyday life. 

Finally, cardholders have flexible payment options, choosing the day they want to pay the invoice. However, it is important to remember that the total effective cost rate is 15.3%. 


So now that you know about the characteristics of the Unibanco Classic credit card, know that this product offers several advantages to users. However, among the main ones, we can mention: 

  • The entire application process takes place 100% online;
  • Contactless payment technology for the machine;
  • Can be used in national and international establishments;
  • It does not charge any annual fee to holders;
  • Access to special discounts at Unibanco partner stores;
  • Access to an exclusive loyalty program;
  • Flexible payment conditions;
  • between others. 


As with any financial product, the Unibanco Classic card also has disadvantages. However, before filling out the request form, it is important to know about these characteristics. Check out. 

  • Only residents with a permanent job in Portugal can request it;
  • Limit to obtain cashback;
  • Flexible payment can be a disadvantage for holders. 

How do I request your Unibanco Classico credit card?

As previously mentioned, to request your card, you must be connected to the internet. In addition, applicants must meet some minimum requirements, among them.

  • Be over 21 years of age;
  • Reside and have a permanent job in Portugal;
  • No restriction on name. 

Finally, if you meet all these characteristics, simply access the official website of the financial institution and click on “Get It Now”. Then, enter all the requested data and send it for analysis.

Very easy, don't you think? So, if you want to know the application process in more detail, click on the link below!

How to apply for the Unibanco Classic credit card

The Unibanco Clássico credit card has no annual fee for cardholders, has international coverage and many benefits! See how to request!

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