Discover the NB Gold credit card

Find out everything about the NB Gold credit card and see if it is a good option for you. Check out its advantages here, such as insurance, contactless technology and app!


NB Gold credit card: Two brands

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Everything you need to know about the card. Source: Senhor Cartão.

The NB Gold credit card can be a good option for those looking for freedom and advantages.

So, continue reading and check out everything about this card that could be the solution for your financial life!

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How to apply for the NB Gold card?

See how to order and activate the NB Gold credit card, a card full of advantages!

Annuity€20 + stamp tax 
Do you accept denial?Uninformed
FlagVisa and Multibanco
BenefitsContacless technology,
2 flags,
brand rewards and insurance program, 3G Secure service, access to MB Way, Protection Pack Service, cash advance.

How does the NB Gold card work?

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After all, how does it work and what are the advantages of the card? Source: Pexels.

The NB Gold credit card belongs to Novo Banco de Portugal. It is a card with two brands: Visa and Multibanco, both international. The first is used to make purchases in establishments around the world; the second is for cash withdrawals from Portuguese and foreign ATMs.

With this, it is possible to use the NB credit card for debit and credit purchases. Likewise, for other transactions, such as cash withdrawals. Below, then, see what it offers and also what its negative points are. This way, ensure you have all the information to make the best choice.


Discover, below, the main positive points of the NB Gold card and see how it stands out in the market:

  • Contactless technology;
  •  2 brands (Visa and Multibanco);
  • Visa rewards program (accumulate points and exchange them for products and discounts);
  • Flag insurance;
  • 3G Secure service;
  • MB Way application;
  • Protection Pack Service;
  • Cash advance.


On the other hand, the NB Gold credit card also has some negative points. Firstly, it charges an annual fee. And there is no possibility of waiving it, such as by reaching a minimum value on the invoice.

Furthermore, NB Gold is exclusive to Novo Banco customers. However, that's not all! Not just any customer of this bank can request it. The card is only available to NB 100% Gold, NB Golden Kay and NB 360º customers.

Finally, only those who have Portuguese citizenship and reside in Portugal can obtain this card. Therefore, we believe that it is a little exclusive in relation to potential customers.

How to get the NB Gold credit card?

Firstly, you must meet the requirements above. In other words, reside in Portugal, be over 18 years of age and have Portuguese citizenship. Likewise, you must have an account at Novo Banco.

However, it cannot be just any account. It must be 100% Gold, Golden Kay or 360°. If you are a customer but do not have one of these accounts, talk to your manager to make the transaction. Only if this is possible will you also be able to obtain the NB Gold credit card.

See below for more details on how to request and activate the card.

Logotipo novobanco

How to apply for the NB Gold card?

See how to order and activate the NB Gold credit card, a card full of advantages!

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