Family and Community Social Support: what is it?

This support brings measures to minimize the negative effects of inequality on needy families. Discover the options!


Discover what Family and Community Social Support is and how it works

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So, find out everything about this aid. Source: Portuguese Republic.

Family and Community Social Support is an aid provided by the Portuguese Social Security. Interested? The objective is to offer social equipment and services to help families most in need.

If necessary, you can accumulate this support with other government benefits. However, it cannot be accumulated with those of the same type. So stay tuned!

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How do I request Family and Community Social Support?

Family and Community Social Support offers several programs to help Portuguese citizens. Learn how to participate with our step-by-step guide.

Furthermore, there are nine government responses to combat inequality. And each of them is aimed at an audience, but they are all socially vulnerable people.

Who is entitled to Family and Community Social Support?

Therefore, the beneficiaries of Family and Community Social Support are, for example, people with:

  • Disability and their families
  • Psychiatric problem and their families
  • Social vulnerability
  • Disadvantaged people
  • Pregnant women
  • Single mothers
  • Former inmates
  • Homeless people

Therefore, remember that not everyone is entitled to all benefits. So see which benefits fall into which groups!

How does Family and Community Social Support work?

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After all, what does this benefit look like? Source: Pexels.

Family and Community Social Support is a set of nine supports for people in need. And they are spread across the country. So, discover the benefits:

Social tracking

This is support for people in situations of social exclusion. In this way, the aid prevents or attempts to resolve these problems.

In other words, the objective is to guide and direct individuals, such as people with disabilities, trying to improve their social situation.

Self-help group

The idea of this initiative is to bring together people who experience the same problems. This way, they can share their experiences and learn from each other.

Additionally, it can create support, rapport, and encouragement among all group members.

Community Center

This social support provides a place where people can meet and organize different activities. This helps in the relationship between vulnerable people and society. Typically aimed at smaller locations.

Holiday Center

This is a place where children, young people and their families can relax and break the routine of inequality.

Thus, creating leisure and cultural points encourages people in vulnerable situations to develop their creativity, for example.

Social canteen

This project offers healthy, quality food to people in need. Furthermore, the canteen or cafeteria also offers personal hygiene treatments.

Life support center

This social support is aimed at pregnant women. Thus, its objective is to help conscious motherhood. In this way, he creates ways to insert vulnerable women into society.

Insertion community

This support offers accommodation and the possibility of inclusion for marginalized individuals. Like ex-detainees, for example.

Thus, the objective is to develop the capabilities of each person within their community.

Temporary accommodation center

This proposal consists of a physical reception space without a defined time. In this way, it is aimed at people in vulnerable situations, such as homeless people, for example.

Furthermore, this space provides support to help people organize their lives.

Food aid

Furthermore, this social support offers free food distribution to those in need. In this way, the intention is to reduce the state of hunger in the country.

What obligations and when does Family and Community Social Support end?

Each service has its own internal regulations. However, these rules are only offered when you start using the service.

Furthermore, support may end when your vulnerable situation improves. Or, on the other hand, if you don't comply with the Support rules.

How do I request Family and Community Social Support?

This way, making your request is very simple. You just need to contact the institution providing the service.

Another option is to consult Social Security itself. And, if you are from the Lisbon region, you can go to Santa Casa da Misericórdia. Furthermore, you will depend on the number of vacancies to access the benefits.

Interested? Come and learn an exclusive step-by-step guide on how to request Family and Community Social Support. Click the link below right now!

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How do I request Family and Community Social Support?

Family and Community Social Support offers several programs to help Portuguese citizens. Learn how to participate with our step-by-step guide.

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