Complete guide to buying a Jetblue ticket: Tips and best prices

Enjoy your trip with JetBlue and find out all the exclusive information here to buy tickets at the best prices. Find out about rates, services and other details about JetBlue and plan your trip!


Save on tickets, not the experience – Buy with JetBlue and enjoy the best in comfort and entertainment1

November 9, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration the JetBlue Airways logo seen displayed on a smartphone.
Complete guide to buying a Jetblue ticket: Tips and best prices. Source: JetBlue

When you buy a JetBlue Airlines ticket, you can combine comfort, entertainment and exceptional service on your next trip! In fact, this trip is at your fingertips.

On JetBlue, a low-cost American airline, which offers trips to different locations around the world! JetBlue is not just an airline, but the promise of an unparalleled flying experience.


Airline tickets


Reliable Promotions

Embark on a quality journey, with exemplary service – find cheap tickets!

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Best of all, your ticket is just a click away. Do not believe? Get ready to discover how flying can be much more than just getting to your destination at affordable prices!

JetBlue's mission is to transform your journey into an unforgettable moment. Keep reading, don't miss the opportunity to discover how JetBlue is revolutionizing the way we fly. Shall we start this journey together?

Introduction to JetBlue: Services Offered

JetBlue is an airline that makes the process of buying a ticket easier! As it is a low-cost company, prices are affordable and comfort and safety are guaranteed!

Additionally, in-flight services include extra legroom, extensive entertainment service and free snacks for all flights. In fact, if it's a transatlantic flight, you can enjoy an included meal.

Thus, it is possible to select three different JetBlue fares to purchase a ticket. The first known as Blue Basic, the second Blue and the third Blue Extra. However, the changes between the three are small.

Fares when comparing JetBlue tickets

It is not possible to take hand luggage with you and you must pay a fee in case of cancellation or to select a seat in advance. In the second case, you can take free hand luggage and choose your seat in advance.

Thirdly, it is possible to board in advance, and you do not pay any fees for cancellations or flight changes for the same day! In other words, there are many facilities for little price difference.

Where and how to buy a JetBlue ticket

Where and how to buy a JetBlue ticket. Source: JetBlue

You can buy your JetBlue ticket on the company's website, on partner resale sites, agencies or even through the airline's application on your cell phone. Anyway, let's see how to do it via the official website!

On the JetBlue home page, access the highlighted rectangle and select your point of origin and destination. Then, book the day of departure and return flight, if applicable.

Additionally, mark how many tickets you are looking for and then click on the blue “find flights” button! So, check out all the available times and select the one you are interested in, just click on the price.

Finalizing your ticket purchase

Next, you need to select which rate interests you according to the benefits of each one. Remember to check the prices and resources available in each case!

Then proceed with your purchase. It will be necessary to inform passenger data according to the tickets purchased. Then, simply select your payment method and complete your purchase!


Airline tickets


Reliable Promotions

Embark on a quality journey, with exemplary service – find cheap tickets!

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Tips for finding the best JetBlue ticket deals and promotions

To find and take advantage of the best offers to buy a ticket on JetBlue, the first tip is to have flexible date availability. This is the best way to find cheaper flights!

Furthermore, making your purchase on specific dates can be a good opportunity. World-famous events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can offer exclusive promotions and advantageous prices.

Popular destinations served by JetBlue

JetBlue serves several destinations around the world, but it's always important to know more about them before purchasing your ticket! Therefore, being an American company, it serves America broadly.

In addition, the airline operates flights to Europe, connecting several countries with the United States. Thus, some countries, in addition to the USA, include Canada, England, France, Portugal, Mexico and others.

Baggage policies: weight, size and restrictions

Firstly, hand luggage must be placed on top of your seat on the plane and cannot exceed the following measurements: 55 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm, including wheels and handle.

In addition, everyone has the right to take a personal item, such as a notebook, bag, etc., which cannot exceed the following measurement: 43 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm. So, take the measurement correctly before your trip.

Furthermore, it is possible to check in up to two bags per flight. The size of these bags cannot exceed a total of 158 cm, nor 22 kg in weight! Plus, most plans must pay to ship!

TrueBlue: the loyalty program to buy JetBlue tickets

Los Angeles, California, United States: jetBlue Airways Airbus A320-232 jet with registration N591JB shown airborne on September 4, 2023.
TrueBlue: the loyalty program to buy JetBlue tickets. Source: JetBlue

JetBlue also offers an exclusive loyalty program called TrueBlue to offer more benefits, opportunities and discounts for travelers who never stop flying with the company!

This way, you can earn points to exchange for discounts and other exclusive benefits. In fact, JetBlue has an exclusive card that offers you more points on your purchases!

Recommended alternative: TAP Air Portugal ticket promotions!

Now that you know more details about how to find promotions and the best prices on JetBlue, how about buying your ticket? Choose between the different destinations and enjoy exclusive services!

Furthermore, did you know that there are several airlines that offer loyalty plans for their customers who always travel with the same company? So, you might want to know other options for traveling!

Thus, TAP Air Portugal is a company that offers not only a loyalty service, but several advantages and affordable prices for its customers, with various promotions.

Anyway, if you want to follow the TAP Air Portugal guide and find out, with exclusive tips, how you can guarantee your ticket at affordable prices and great promotions, check out our post below!

TAP Air Portugal Airbus A319 CS-TTK taking off from Barcelona Airport

Complete guide to buying a TAP Air ticket: Tips and best prices

Looking for how to buy a TAP Air ticket? This guide will help you find the best ticket options at affordable prices.

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