Complete guide to buying a Delta ticket: Tips and best prices!

With this guide, your trip with Delta will be much easier! Find out how to find the best prices and promotions on Delta tickets! Furthermore, find out more about services, rates and even baggage policy so you don't get surprised!


Turn dreams into reality: buy Delta tickets and start your incredible journey at low prices!

August 1, 2019 Santa Clara / CA / USA - Delta Airlines aircraft in flight; the Delta Logo visible on the airplanes' underbelly; blue sky background
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If you're looking for a truly exceptional travel experience, have you considered purchasing a Delta Air Lines ticket? Get ready to discover a world of possibilities and advantages that go beyond the obvious.

Delta Air Lines is a very famous travel company originally from the United States. It's not just about buying tickets, but about embarking on a journey full of comfort, quality and convenience.


Airline tickets


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Discover more than 300 destinations around the globe at affordable prices!

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So, with an extensive network of destinations and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Delta is the preferred choice for travelers looking for more than just a ticket.

With Delta, every flight is a promise of unforgettable discoveries. So, keep reading to discover all the details that make Delta the ideal airline for those who value difference and excellence in each trip.

Introduction to Delta Air Lines: Services Offered

Buying a ticket on Delta Air Lines is an opportunity to take advantage of several exclusive services at affordable prices! Thus, the airline has different cabins, with different services and different prices.

Therefore, on most flights, it is possible to have access to Wi-Fi and free entertainment with films and series available. Furthermore, on most flights and cabins, you can have access to free snacks and, in some cases, even meals!

So, it's important to check your fare and cabin before finalizing your purchase. Speaking of fares, Delta Air Lines works with four different fares to choose from on each company flight.

Delta Air Lines ticket fares

Firstly, the fares are: Main, Confort+, First and Delta One. Each of them offers exclusive features. So, let's check out the main differences between each of them besides the price?

Main is the simplest and offers the company's basic services. Furthermore, Confort+ offers more comfort in your seat, early boarding and disembarking, snacks on some flights, etc.

First Class offers dining service, airport experiences, dinner service and other entertainment benefits, as well as seat upgrades. Finally, Delta One offers the most perks with a seat that reclines 180 degrees!

Where and how to buy a Delta ticket

Delta Website
Where and how to buy a Delta ticket. Source: Delta

It is possible to buy a Delta Air Lines ticket directly on the company's website, in apps, travel agencies or even on other online ticket resale sites! So, choose your method!

Either way, we'll help you buy your ticket on the Delta website. The first step is to access the home page and indicate your point of origin and destination to find the ticket.

Then select your departure and return dates, if any. Indicate how many passengers will travel and, in addition, click on the red arrow in the right corner of the page and wait while the tickets are found.

Finalizing your purchase on Delta

Then, just find the ticket that has the time that interests you most. If there are no available times or if they are not interesting to you, search for other dates again.

Once you find the ideal trip, select the fare you want to purchase. You can check out all the exclusive benefits of each one on the website itself. Furthermore, fill in the passenger details to complete your purchase.

Then, simply select the payment method and complete your purchase. In fact, don't forget to check in before boarding!


Airline tickets


Accessible Reliable

Discover more than 300 destinations around the globe at affordable prices!

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Tips for finding the best Delta ticket deals and promotions 

To find the best Delta deals when purchasing your ticket, visit the website on important dates, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These are examples of events that usually bring price reductions.

Furthermore, an important tip for those who want to travel while spending less is to choose a relatively distant date. Tickets are usually more affordable when traveling a few months away.

Furthermore, on the Delta Air Lines website, you can find a tab of flights on sale and check which destinations and dates are cheaper. If there is availability on your part, take advantage!

Popular destinations served

As it is an American airline, Delta Air Lines sells tickets to various places around the world, but with a focus on the USA and the American continent. Furthermore, other locations such as Europe also appear a lot.

Thus, some cities and routes most served by the company include Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando! But, there are more than 57 countries served and more than 230 cities around the globe!

Baggage policies: weight, size and restrictions

November 10, 2021, Brazil. In this photo illustration the Delta Air Lines logo is seen displayed on a smartphone screen and in the background.
Baggage policies: weight, size and restrictions. Source: AdobeStock

Additionally, Delta's baggage policy is an important point to consider before purchasing your ticket. This way, you can take one free hand luggage and one personal item.

Hand luggage must be placed in the location indicated above the seat with the following measurements: 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm. And the personal item must be placed on the bottom of the seat directly in front of you, which could be a laptop, bag, etc.

Furthermore, baggage to be checked cannot exceed 158 cm in the sum of the width, length and height of the suitcase. So stay tuned! Furthermore, the weight must be equal to or less than 23 kg!

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Now that you know all the details about Delta Air Lines, are you ready to buy your ticket and travel the world? So, take advantage of the company's prices, services and exclusive loyalty program!

Don't miss the opportunity to buy your ticket right now! However, there are other companies that are great and also offer loyalty programs, so it's important to know more options, right?

So, how about checking out our complete guide to TAP Air Portugal? This is a Portuguese company that offers internal and international flights to various locations.

So, check out our post below for all the details to find TAP Air Portugal tickets at affordable prices and find out the best tips for buying on promotions!

TAP Air Portugal Airbus A319 CS-TTK taking off from Barcelona Airport

Complete guide to buying a TAP Air ticket: Tips and best prices

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