How do I apply for the Millenium BCP Platinum card?

The Millenium BCP Platinum card could be a great option for your life. Learn how to apply for it from the comfort of your home and in just a few steps.


Millenium BCP Platinum Card

Millenium BCP Platinum Card

The Millenium BCP Platinum card is one of the card options that the Portuguese financial institution offers. And to apply for it you don't even have to leave your house, here's how.

This credit card alternative is available to those residing in Portugal. Therefore, even Brazilians can apply for it, as long as they have residence in the European country. Likewise, they must also be account holders at the financial institution, that is, at BCP Millenium. Below, learn how to apply!


Credit card

Millennium BCP Platinum Visa

The Millenium BCP Platinum Visa credit card offers special conditions, see here!

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Step by step to request your Millenium BCP Platinum card

Millennium BCP Platinum

However, in the items below, how to apply for the Millenium BCP Platinum card in just a few steps and from the comfort of your home. Having a credit card has never been so easy and with so little bureaucracy involved!

Request online

Firstly, it is possible to apply for the Millenium BCP card via the financial institution's website. So, first go to her website. Then, click on the “Cards” tab and wait for the redirection. Then, find the “Millenium Platinum” option.

Therefore, click on it, wait for a new redirect and log in with your username and password. Therefore, fill in the data on the screen and send the request. Did you see how easy it is? Furthermore, there is the possibility of requesting it through the application, as we will see below.

Request via the app

However, it is also possible to request the Millenium BCP Platinum card through the financial institution's application. In fact, doing so is as easy as on the website. To do this, first open the app and log in with a password. Afterwards, click on “Cards”.

Finally, once again, just find the Platinum option, click on it and fill in the data on the screen. Furthermore, finally, send the information with the card application.

Recommended alternative: Millenium BCP Classic Card

Millennium BCP PlatinumMillennium BCP Classic
Annuity80€ €10
Do you accept denial?UninformedUninformed
BenefitsMillennium Rewards, Health Assistance, Home Assistance, Contactless Payment, Online Request, brand benefits.Contactless payment, online membership, car rental discounts, Visa benefits and discounts

How do I request the Millennium BCP Classic card?

Do you want to know how to apply for the Millennium BCP Classic card? Click here and see the step-by-step guide on how to request it right now, without leaving home!

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