WiZink Cards: check out the advantages of each type and find out which one to choose

Do you want a credit card with benefits, free annual fees, international Visa and much more? So get to know Wikink cards and see which one is best for you and your financial profile!


Find out which WiZink cards are perfect for you!

Logotipo Wizink com o slogan "o teu banco fácil". Wizink é o banco responsável pelos cartões Wizink
Check out the main WiZink cards, what each one offers and find out which one to choose. Source: Facebook WiZink.

Those looking for ease in their daily finances can find incredible solutions on WiZink cards! Full of advantages, they have their own benefits and, in this way, can help you have convenience and save money.

Logotipo Wizink com as iniciais W e Z. Wizink é o banco responsável pelos cartões Wizink

Wizink Flex or Wizink Rewards card: which is best?

Wizink Flex or Wizink Rewards Card? Both have an international Visa flag, in addition to exclusive benefits such as discounts and insurance. See the comparison!

By the way, did you know that both WiZink cards have a Visa International brand? Therefore, they can be used all over the world and without charging annual fees! Find out more below.

How does WiZink Online Banking work?

Banco WiZink is digital and has interesting financial solutions and cards. Specialist in credit products, he helps with the daily management of finances, as well as ensuring the hiring of online services.

See what WiZink cards are: choose the best one for you!

Mesa com caneca com café com leite, lápis e carteira com vários cartões de crédito, representando os cartões Wizink
Discover the advantages of each of the main WiZink cards. Source: Pexels.

Do you want to know what the WiZink digital bank has to offer you? So find out the details about Rewards and Flex cards below. Also, see details about the Extra discount program.

WiZink Rewards

The first of the WiZink cards is Rewards. It does not have annual fees or maintenance fees. Therefore, you use it without having to financially compensate the bank for it.

Furthermore, it has a good initial limit and has the Visa International brand. In fact, using it for payments you have the chance to achieve up to 50% in discounts on purchases from partners.

The card also has a points program based on your spending. This way, you can accumulate them to, in the future, exchange them for discounts, services and products, which saves you money and makes the most of your money.

On the other hand, be aware that WiZink cards, including Rewards, do not have a bank account or debit option. Therefore, in this case you only have the option of credit payments available.

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BenefitsCard control application (MB Way), online membership, up to 50 days of interest-free credit, initial limit of up to 6 thousand Euros, WiZink Extra program with up to 50% discount on partners, Rewards points program.
cartão de crédito Wizink Rewards fundo verde

How to apply for the Wizink Rewards card?

The Wizink Rewards credit card has an exclusive Rewards points program, in addition to an initial limit of up to 6 thousand Euros. See how to request it!

WiZink Flex

Another excellent option among WiZink cards is the Flex modality. It repeats some of the advantages of the previous alternative. Among them are the free annual fee, as well as the presence of the Visa International brand.

As in the case of the Rewards card, those who have a Flex card can track their transactions, such as purchases and payments, through the cell phone application. This gives you more security and control over your finances.

Furthermore, the card also ensures that the consumer receives alerts in the event of value movements. This way, you always have data about your money and its use in the palm of your hand.

In this case, even though there is no points program, there is WiZink Extra. We will talk about it in detail below. However, it is now possible to anticipate that it allows you to obtain discounts from WiZink partners.

WiZink Flex cards also stand out for granting travel insurance to customers. This way, you can travel more peacefully and guarantee assistance if necessary.

Finally, just like the previous option, there is no access to a bank account. Therefore, the card is credit only and does not allow debit use.

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BenefitsMB Way app to track movements, Flex Alert, financial GPS, WiZink Extra program for partner discounts, membership rewards and access to theft and fraud protection and travel insurance.

How to request the Wizink Flex card?

The Wizink credit card has 100% online membership, Visa brand and an exclusive discounts and benefits program! See how to request it here!

WiZink Extra Benefits Program

Finally, although it is not a card in itself, it is important to talk about WiZink Extra. After all, this is a program that allows digital bank customers to access exclusive discounts and promotions from the institution's partners.

With this, it is possible to guarantee discounts of up to 50% on products and services. This way, you save money and get the most out of your credit card.

The program is free and new promotions and exclusive opportunities appear every month from WiZink partners. Just follow along and keep an eye out to see how you can take advantage.

The benefits program is available, in fact, for all WiZink cards. Therefore, no matter which modality you subscribe to, you can use it.

To use the discounts, simply choose the partner that has the product or service you want on the program page. Then, analyze the conditions for using the benefit and then ask for proof of the discount in the physical store or online.

Finally, simply use your card to pay for the service or product with the appropriate discount. So, make the most of the advantages that WiZink cards offer you. Save and organize your finances in the best way!

Want to know more about WiZink cards?

Still not sure if WiZink cards are for you? Well, don't worry! After all, you can find even more information about each of them at the link below. So, check them out in detail and make the best financial choice for you!

Logotipo Wizink com as iniciais W e Z. Wizink é o banco responsável pelos cartões Wizink

Wizink Flex or Wizink Rewards card: which is best?

Wizink Flex or Wizink Rewards Card? Both have an international Visa flag, in addition to exclusive benefits such as discounts and insurance. See the comparison!

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