How to join Via Verde Electric: charge your car using your cell phone!

For those who have an electric car, Via Verde offers a quality service to make your life easier. Just choose the modality you want to subscribe to and never have to queue again!


Subscribe on the website to charge your electric vehicle with just a few taps!

Homem segurando app Via Verde Electric
So, how about checking out how to join? Source: Via Verde.

Joining Via Verde Electric is very simple and quick. But to do this, it is necessary to subscribe to Via Verde in the Mobility or Light Mobility category. Therefore, it is possible to sign up when accessing the website!

On the other hand, in this post we will help you follow all the necessary steps to sign up to this service assertively! So, subscribe without leaving home, go to the Via Verde website right now!



Via Verde Electric

car electric

Control everything through the app, without needing a physical card! It's much more practical and safer!

You will be redirected to another website

So, check out a step-by-step guide below to take advantage of all the advantages of charging your electric vehicle with Via Verde Electric!

Step by step to join Via Verde Electric

Mão de homem em volante de carro
But, after all, how to do it? Source: Via Verde.

Firstly, to join the Via Verde Electric program, you need to access the service page on the internet. Then, click on the green “join” button in the top menu of your screen.

Then, choose which plan you prefer to purchase and click on “join” again. Therefore, you will need to fill out the form. In this case, you must fill in information that involves as much as your vehicle.

In fact, whenever you finish filling in the data in the field on one of the pages, just access the green “next” button in the right corner at the end of the form. Furthermore, at the end you must pay for the service!

How to download the app

Furthermore, it is possible to use the mobile application! In fact, this is an app available for both iOS and Android! So, it is very easy to download and access. Enter the app store and search for the name Via Verde.

Then, just click on “download” or “get”! So, wait for the app to be downloaded. Once you can open the program, all you need to do is choose a charging station through the app and select the “charge” option.

Furthermore, select the physical outlet and connect it to the vehicle. Then, start charging through the application. This way, you can finish it via the app and, finally, unplug the socket.

Recommended alternative: AUTOvoucher!

Now that you know how you can join Via Verde Electric and can drive your electric car with peace of mind, you can learn about other options! That way, you may be interested in the AUTOvoucher!

This is a benefit of the Portuguese government in the face of rising inflation. Don't miss the opportunity to save on fuel prices. In fact, this aid is very useful for anyone who needs to get around in their car!

This way, you can find out more about this assistance and sign up as soon as possible to take advantage of this financial security for your vehicle! So, check out a review on the subject right now.

Access the link below to pay less when filling your car's tank!

Logo AUTOvoucher com logo República Portuguesa

How does the AUTOvoucher work?

With the AUTOvoucher benefit you save on the price of fuel in your car. Find out how the aid works to join.

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