Find out how to take out Auto Banco Primus Financing: it’s digital and safe!

Anyone who takes out Banco Primus Auto Financing will have the chance to change their car or buy their first vehicle. Check out how to hire it and have up to 120 months to pay it off!


Learn how to take out Banco Primus Auto Financing

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Understand how to obtain this financing. Source: Banco Primus.

Taking out Banco Primus Auto Financing is easy. After all, the request is online and it is still possible to follow the entire analysis and grant process up close.

Therefore, this is a great alternative for those looking for practicality and speed in their daily lives. In fact, with Primus financing you can decide between variable and fixed interest rates, did you know?


Auto Financing

Primus Bank

Quality Ease

Hire easily and have up to 120 months to pay!

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You also have access to credit to purchase a car, ALD and Leasing. Therefore, there are several alternatives that the customer finds, right? Below, find out how to hire!

Step by step to take out Auto Banco Primus Financing

Hiring is online and quite simple. After doing so, you can follow the results without leaving home, also through the Primus portal.

So, check out the steps to take out financing for your vehicle and get your dream of a new, safe and perfect car off the ground!

Access the portal and follow the steps

First, access the Primus portal. Afterwards, click on “Customer Area” in the top right corner. So, wait for the page redirection and follow these steps:

  • At the bottom of the screen, click on “Register now” next to “Not registered with Banco Primus?”;
  • Soon after, wait for a new page redirection;
  • Fill in the information on screen;
  • Confirm registration with SMS code or email;
  • Return to the Primus home page;
  • Access the page regarding car financing;
  • To finish, click on the request option, carry out a simulation and forward the request;
  • To follow the Primus auto bank financing request, simply access the website and click on “Consult process”. Enter your cell phone number and NIF and see!

Other credit options: also find out about BPI Housing Credit

imagem com dinheiro no meio falando sobre contratar Crédito Habitação BPI
See how to take out BPI Housing Credit. Source: Pexels.

Those looking for credit in the market also find options for personal finance or for purchasing their own home. For the second case, BPI Housing Credit can be a good alternative.

If you are interested in finding out more about it, click on the link below and find out everything about it. Plus, understand how to hire him easily!

logo crédito habitação bpi em fundo branco

How to take out BPI Housing Credit?

BPI Housing Credit offers several solutions for those who want to buy, renovate or build a property. See, here, how to hire it and have up to 50 years to pay the installments!

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