Discover Montepio personal credit: have up to 84 months to pay!

Montepio personal credit can be an alternative for those who need extra money. See, then, how it works and what advantages it offers to its customers!


Discover Montepio personal credit and find out what benefits it offers its customers

Logotipo Banco Montepio, que é o banco responsável pelo Crédito pessoal Montepio
Everything about Montepio personal credit. Source: Banco Montepio.

Montepio personal credit can help you balance your financial life or achieve dreams. Furthermore, without the need to indicate the intention to use money, it allows online or in-person hiring.

Logotipo Crédito Montepio

How to apply for Montepio personal credit?

Montepio credit is a financial solution that offers you up to €75,000! See how to take out credit!

Interest rateVariable
Payment deadlineUp to 84 months to pay
ApprovalNot informed
BenefitsOnline simulation and hiring (up to 10 thousand Euros);
Life and personal accident insurance. 

Therefore, this credit joins the other solutions offered by Montepio and can be excellent for you. Want to know more? So keep reading and see the details about this operation!

How does Montepio personal credit work?

In short, Montepio is a Portuguese bank that specializes in financial solutions and products. Thus, among them is personal credit, which is nothing more than obtaining an amount of money to pay at interest!

Hiring can be online or in person, depending on the desired amount. In the first case the values are up to 75 thousand Euros. However, for the second case, remote hiring, the amounts are limited to 10 thousand Euros.

Furthermore, only Montepio bank customers can take out the loan. That is, personal credit is only available to those who already have an account with the institution. In other words, anyone who doesn't have one must open it to later access credit.


Then check out the main benefits of Montepio personal credit:

  • Online simulation;
  • Online hiring for up to €10,000; 
  • Financing of up to €75,000 for face-to-face transactions;
  • Optional accident insurance;
  • Fixed installments.


On the other hand, credit also has some disadvantages. Firstly, because to obtain it you must already be a customer of the institution, with an active account.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that although it is possible to contract up to €75,000, this amount is only available for personal transactions. After all, for online hiring it is possible to obtain up to 10,000.

Finally, life insurance is mandatory for credits starting at €5,000, which increases the value of the installment. Accident insurance, in turn, is optional for any contract value.

How to apply for Montepio personal credit?

Jovem mulher com expressão feliz e mãos sobre a boca.
Anyway, now that you know the benefits of Montepio personal credit, find out how to apply for it. Source: Pexels.

This will depend on the value you want to obtain and also whether you are already a Montepio customer. For those who already have an account with the institution, it is possible to contract through Net24, based on active membership in Montepio24.

Other ways to obtain information refer to contact via an online form on the institution's website. Finally, it is also possible to hire at a face-to-face service desk.

Finally, anyone who is not a Montepio customer and wants personal credit must open an account and then carry out the operation according to the alternatives above.

Logotipo Crédito Montepio

How to apply for Montepio personal credit?

Montepio credit is a financial solution that offers you up to €75,000! See how to take out credit!

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