My Nickel debit card: how does it work?

Discover how the My Nickel debit card works. With no overdraft fees, no monthly fees and free direct deposit, the card is a great way to manage your money.


My Nickel debit card: discover the personalized model!

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After all, how does the card work? Source: Nickel.

If you like keeping up to date with the latest financial trends, then you've probably heard about the My Nickel card, but do you know how it works?

Nickel offers two types of cards, Classic and My Nickel. Here we will talk about the second option! But, to have a card like this you need to open a bank account. But rest assured, this is a quick process.

Cartões My Nickel com logo do banco

How to sign up for the My Nickel card: Meet the agents!

The My Nickel Card offers several advantages to the user, but the sign-up process can be a little time-consuming. Understand how the step-by-step process works to pre-register.

Annuity€20.80 + €10 for 4 years
Do you accept denial?Uninformed
BenefitsNo bank overdraft
Exclusive customer support service
Secure transactions
International contactless technology

Therefore, the My Nickel card has different characteristics. By the way, do you want to know more? So, come find out more information about this card.

How does the My Nickel card work?

The My Nickel card works very simply. It is a Mastercard card with contactless technology for the whole world. This way, you can make your payments by contact, facilitating transactions.

Furthermore, a big difference between Nickel and other financial institutions is that despite being an online bank, it has physical agents! However, these agents are located in everyday commercial areas.

Such as, for example, grocery stores, tobacco stores, stationery stores, among other places. This way, you have greater ease of access and carrying out basic operations, and you can even make deposits!

Furthermore, you do not receive undue charges, you only pay for services you use. You can find out about all types of service charges on the bank's website.


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But is it really worth it? Source: Nickel.

Firstly, one of the most striking advantages is the exclusivity that the My Nickel card offers. So you can personalize your card! When joining, it comes with your registered name and in addition, you choose between 5 colors:

  • Bordeaux;
  • Light gray;
  • Navy gray;
  • White;
  • Purple;

Furthermore, let’s check out other advantages of using a My Nickel card?

  • Approach technology;
  • International card;
  • Immediate use;
  • Card insurance;
  • Fee-free SEPA transfers
  • Use at any ATM and Nickel Agents in the world!


But, on the other hand, My Nickel has some disadvantages. Such as, for example, the annual fee and card availability fee, which you must pay for four years.

Furthermore, Nickel Agents are mostly concentrated in urban centers in Portugal. This creates access difficulties for those who live further inland, for example.

Another disadvantage is the lack of cashback plans or similar benefits. This is very important, as several cards have more affordable prices and greater benefits!

How do I sign up for the My Nickel debit card?

Overall, this card offers several benefits and exclusivity for its user. So, did you like finding out more about it and want to request yours?

Know that joining is quite simple. So, you first need to be a Nickel customer and then make your request. It can be in person or remotely! Want to know more about how to request?

We have an ideal step-by-step guide for you to learn all the details about this subject! Click on the link below and see how to order your Nickel right now!

Cartões My Nickel com logo do banco

How to sign up for the My Nickel card: Meet the agents!

The My Nickel Card offers several advantages to the user, but the sign-up process can be a little time-consuming. Understand how the step-by-step process works to pre-register.

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