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Do you need a basic low-rate card to help you save and manage everyday expenses?

Discover the St. George Vertigo Credit Card, the ideal option for those seeking assistance with balance transfers!


Unlock the power of savings with the St. George Vertigo Card. Enjoy 0% interest on balance transfers for 32 months, providing a unique opportunity to consolidate your debts. With an affordable annual fee of just $55, this card offers a smart financial solution for those in search of a low-rate option. Additionally, benefit from up to 55 interest-free days on your purchases and the convenience of quick card locking for extra peace of mind and security. Save more, spend with confidence. Choose St. George Vertigo for a smarter and hassle-free financial journey. Learn more details now and free yourself from financial worries.


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Check out some of the numerous advantages of applying for the St. George Vertigo Credit Card!

Low annual fee
Low-rate card
0% balance transfer
Free additional card

Você permanecerá no mesmo site

Experience the freedom of financial flexibility with the St. George Vertigo Credit Card.

Unlock a world of benefits tailored to your lifestyle, from competitive interest rates to a generous credit limit that adapts to your needs.

Unique Advantages and Benefits

  • Interest: Take advantage of the 55 interest-free days on your St. George Vertigo credit card purchases;
  • Transfer: Moreover, you can execute a balance transfer at 0% interest for the first 32 months from the moment you get your St. George Vertigo credit card;
  • Limit: The limit of the St. George Vertigo Credit Card is quite flexible, catering to different interests.

Disadvantages and Points to Consider

  • Cashback: The cashback that the Vertigo credit card offers can be opted for instead of balance transfers. However, as it is one or the other, this ends up being a disadvantage;
  • Benefits: Additionally, you also forego travel and insurance benefits that many cards offer;
  • Fees: Furthermore, the fees charged after the 32 months can be somewhat high. In other words, you need to resolve this issue within this timeframe to ensure your savings.

Enjoy the convenience of contactless payments and exclusive access to a range of rewards and discounts. Elevate your financial journey with a credit card that goes beyond expectations – the St. George Vertigo Credit Card.

You can transfer up to 80% of your approved credit limit, with the caveat that it is not possible to transfer balances from other St. George, BankSA, or Bank of Melbourne cards.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, enjoy a free additional cardholder and the convenience of the St. George banking app for quickly monitoring your accounts.

The Vertigo Card offers security features, including quick card locking for loss situations and 24/7 fraud monitoring.

Now that you know the benefits of the St. George Vertigo Credit Card, how about learning more details beyond these benefits and points to consider? We’ve prepared a review for you to address your questions.

Moreover, do you want to find out how to apply and what the basic requirements are? Then, read all the step-by-step details and start using a new card!

St. George Vertigo Card

St. George Vertigo Credit Card Review: Low Annual Fee!

Check out the review of St George Vertigo and learn how you can use the card to your advantage, with a 0% charge on transferred balances!

On the other hand, how about exploring other card options for use in Australia? Thus, we offer another low-rate possibility for you to compare and decide which works best for you.

Come and discover HSBC’s exclusive card and take advantage of all the possibilities to save and manage your finances! Order as soon as possible and learn more details in our review!

HSBC Low Rate Card

HSBC Low Rate review: Transfer Balances and Save!

Explore a review of the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card and save money while enjoying your travels and other benefits.

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