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Are you facing financial difficulties and need a credit card to help you?

Then, discover the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card and enjoy all the benefits available for your daily life!


Experience financial freedom with the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card. Transfer your balances worry-free, enjoying 20 months without interest. Travel with peace of mind with free national insurance and take advantage of the exclusive benefits of the Home&Away Privilege program. Your low purchase rate keeps your expenses under control, while eligibility for Apple Pay and Google Pay brings modern mobile payment convenience. Additionally, with no foreign transaction fees, the world is at your fingertips. Enjoy 55 interest-free days on your purchases and access a menu of benefits with an affordable annual fee. Take control of your finances with the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card. Come and learn more details.


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Check out some of the numerous advantages of applying for the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card!

Low-rate card
No conversion fees
Travel insurance
55 days of interest-free purchases

Você permanecerá no mesmo site

Step into a world of financial ease with the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card, where simplicity meets savings.

Enjoy the luxury of a low ongoing interest rate, allowing you to manage your expenses without breaking the bank.

This card is designed for those who value cost-conscious choices without compromising on quality.

Unique Advantages and Benefits

  • 20 Months Interest-Free on Balance Transfers: The offer of 20 months interest-free on balance transfers is a significant advantage for those looking to consolidate and pay off debts from other cards.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: The absence of fees on foreign transactions is a major advantage for international travelers or those making purchases in foreign currencies. This helps you save money on additional fees.
  • Free National Travel Insurance: Free national travel insurance provides peace of mind to users, ensuring coverage for domestic trips. This advantage adds significant value to the card, going beyond payment conveniences.

Disadvantages and Points to Consider

  • 2% Balance Transfer Fee: Despite the offer of 20 months interest-free on balance transfers, the 2% transfer fee can represent a significant initial cost.
  • $99 Annual Fee: The card’s annual fee may be seen as an additional expense to consider. Other cards in the same line may present more viable options.
  • Reversion to Cash Advance Rate: If the transferred balance is not paid off by the end of the 20-month introductory period, it reverts to the cash advance rate, which is typically higher.

Benefit from the convenience of contactless payments, coupled with the security of HSBC’s advanced fraud protection.

Embrace financial freedom with a card that understands your priorities – the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card.

Yes, in addition to the mentioned offers, the card provides access to the Home & Away Privilege program and free insurance coverage.

The main fee to be aware of is the 2% balance transfer fee. Additionally, some free services in the first months may be charged later. We recommend a detailed analysis of the terms before using this offer.

If the balance is not paid off, it will be subject to the cash advance rate after the introductory 20-month period. It’s essential to stay vigilant, as the rate can become quite high, causing significant losses.

Now that you know some important points about the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card, how about taking advantage and applying for the card as soon as possible?

Discover more details about the offer and how to join in our exclusive review!

HSBC Low Rate Card

HSBC Low Rate review: Transfer Balances and Save!

Explore a review of the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card and save money while enjoying your travels and other benefits.

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