Banco Invest Portugal: Discover the benefits and services offered

Discover different information about Banco Invest Portugal, what are the advantages, disadvantages, rates and fees and how to open your account quickly and safely without leaving home!


Investing has never been so easy and exciting! Join Banco Invest and change your financial life

Banco Invest Portugal
Banco Invest Portugal: Discover the benefits and services offered. Source: Banco Invest

If you've ever stopped to think about how intelligently managing your money can open doors to a better future, know that Banco Invest de Portugal is the solution! Every euro deserves to grow and prosper!

Therefore, Banco Invest is here to make a difference in your financial journey. This bank offers you the possibility of opening accounts of different types, but with a focus on investments!




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Open your account easily – find the simplest and easiest way to save!

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With a unique approach to asset and investment management, Invest offers financial services committed to helping you achieve your financial goals in an intelligent and effective way.

Curious to know how you can make your money pay off in applications? Keep reading and find out if Banco Invest Portugal is really worth it, what the advantages and disadvantages are and much more!

What is Banco Invest?

Banco Invest offers a more specialized type of service to Portugal. In other words, it is not a retail bank, institutions that offer day-to-day financial services, such as credit options, etc.

Therefore, with Banco Invest, it is possible to make your money count with savings and investment accounts. In other words, it has professionals prepared to meet your demands.

So, in transactions that require greater care and involvement, Banco Invest is the best option. Therefore, if you are looking for diversified and careful investment options, this could be the ideal bank!

Advantages and disadvantages of Banco Invest Portugal

Advantages and disadvantages of Banco Invest Portugal. Source: Banco Invest

In fact, one of the main advantages of opening an account at Invest bank is the possibility of being served by the greatest investment specialists in the country! Plus, you can open an account in just 3 minutes!

On the other hand, one of the main disadvantages of Banco Invest is the amount requested to open the account, which is 5 thousand euros! Furthermore, although you can open your account quickly, you need to prepare several documents.

Furthermore, this is a bank that is very well rated on the internet. For example, on the complaint portal website, it has more than 64% approval rating, being considered a good bank for resolving customer problems.

Products and services offered by Banco Invest Portugal

As we have already pointed out, Banco Invest de Portugal specializes in financial investment services. So, how about checking out some of the products they work with? They work with deposits, investment, securities, etc.

This way, you can open your invest plus current account and take advantage of any service available through the institution. On the other hand, the Money Box account also gives you access to services, but generates a small remuneration.

With a TANB OF 2,25%, you also don't need to pay anything for maintenance costs. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on amounts, you can save however you like! Furthermore, Invest’s services are diverse and great for your pocket!

Fees and fees associated with the bank's products and services

Banco Invest Portugal
Fees and fees associated with the bank's products and services. Source: Banco Invest

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that Banco Invest de Portugal does not charge commissions for custody or maintenance of your account! So, you can rest assured. However, as we already pointed out, you need 5 thousand euros to open your account!

Despite this, deposits made at the bank will generate a small fee, which is competitive in relation to the same service at other banks. For more information about specific values, it is important to consult the price list.

This is because each account and each transaction has its own particularities. So, access the website and at the bottom of the page look for the “price list” option. There you can find interest rates, commissions and expenses for different products or services.

Customer service at Banco Invest Portugal

To be served by the bank on different channels. Therefore, it is possible to go to an agency in person. To do this, simply look for the one closest to you and talk to the available experts.

Furthermore, you can contact us by phone, 800 200 160, or email, [email protected]. In fact, opening hours are on weekdays from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm!

How to open your account at Banco Invest?

Finally, it is possible to open your account at Banco Invest without leaving home! To do this, you can access the company's website. First, access the website and click on the blue button in the top right corner “open account”.

Then choose the best option, it is possible to open using the digital mobile key, or by filling out the bank form. In any case, you must be over 18 years old, have a NIF and invest at least 5 thousand euros!

Therefore, fill in the requested data and prepare the necessary documents, such as your citizen card, taxpayer card, proof of residence and tax address, as well as proof of profession.




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Open your account easily – find the simplest and easiest way to save!

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Recommended alternative: Banco Big!

After this complete review of Banco Invest de Portugal, you now know how you can take advantage of this institution's financial services to your advantage! Open your account and enjoy the different investment possibilities!

So, don't waste any more time and check out the company's website as soon as possible to open your account without leaving home! But beyond that, there are other banking options in Portugal to choose from.

So, have you heard of BIG bank? This financial institution offers different types of services, being a great option for those who need traditional and day-to-day operations.

Therefore, access the link below where you can find more information about rates, fees, pricing and much more about BIG bank! Your chance to change your life with a practical and virtual account!

Banco Big

What is Banco Big? Discover how to log in, deposits and more

Banco Big is a fully digital Portuguese institution. So, make a series of exclusive financial transactions when you become a customer!

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